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The Pledge



The Pledge to Compete Honorably

Compete: To strive against another or others to attain a goal, such as an advantage or a victory

Honor: Honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions; a source of credit or distinction

 Competing Honorably:  Striving against others to attain a goal, while exhibiting honesty, fairness, and integrity through one’s choices and actions

The Pledge:

I pledge to compete honorably in athletics, education, and as a professional. I pledge to be the best that I can be through my everyday choices and actions on and off the field. I pledge to have a consistent awareness of the opportunity to become a better person. I choose to acknowledge failure and learn from it. I choose to exude positivity because I want to, not because I have to. I recognize a coach’s time and efforts are fundamental in the process of becoming a better competitor and person. I appreciate my training space and every arena of competition. I respect and honor all opponents, because without them there is nothing for the true competitor to thrive off of.  Sportsmanship is my highest priority.

In action, I am aware of reaction. In moments of weakness, I prove my strength. In moments of pressure, I realize my true character. I am entitled only to what I have earned. I recognize that it is a privilege to train and compete. I take sole responsibility for my actions. Regardless of potential influence from others (parents, coaches, friends, teammates, family), I know that I have the power to make the righteous choice and act accordingly. I pledge to compete honorably.

Compete. Honor. Inspire.


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I Pledge to Compete Honorably

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End date: Dec 31, 2013

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49 signatures
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49Rhonda BaxterEnglewood, COCrossFitAug 24, 2013
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46Joe ImerajCentennial, ColoradoCrossFitJul 04, 2013
45joey waldmannlouisville, cocrossfit, parenting, lifeJun 28, 2013
44Juli SmolenCrossFitJun 28, 2013
43Eric CookeDenver, ColoradoCrossfitMay 31, 2013
42Bridget McGuireLoveland, COCrosstrain, yoga, pilatesMay 31, 2013
41Michael SilvermanMay 31, 2013
40Emily HochstetlerAurora, CoCrossfitMay 29, 2013
39Jennifer WoodmanseeLaporte, CoCrossfitMay 29, 2013
38Sherry FushimiMorrison, COCrossFitMay 29, 2013
37Steve EwingWindsor , ColoradoCrossFit May 29, 2013
36Julie SneedCastle Rock, COCrossfitMay 28, 2013
35Pamela MarschnerDenver, ColoradoGymnastics coach, CrossFitMay 28, 2013
34Michael NokeAurora, ColoradoCrossFitMay 28, 2013
33Colin KimberlinFort Collins, cCrossFitMay 28, 2013
32Robert SchubringCentennial, COCrossFitMay 28, 2013
31Erin MaherAurora, ColoradoLacrosseMay 21, 2013
30Becky ConzelmanDenver, COCrossfitMay 16, 2013
29Erica DrennenDenver, COCrossfit, triathlonMay 15, 2013
28Tyler JohnsonDenver, ColoradoLeadership, Athlete, Parent & Coaching EducationMay 15, 2013
27Justin EberleLakewood, ColoradoHoops and HockeyMay 15, 2013
26Zionna MunozHuntington Beach, CaliforniaMay 15, 2013
25Kaitlyn (Katie) SengenbergerAurora, ColoradoLacrosseMay 15, 2013
24Colleen MaherMay 15, 2013
23Dave FosterDenver, ColoradoCrossFitMay 15, 2013
22Diana SoonCentennial, CoSwimming May 14, 2013
21John MadronWheat Ridge, ColoradoJudo, Trap Shooting, Sporting ClaysMay 14, 2013
20Becky HarshCastle Rock, COCrossFitMay 14, 2013
19Gayle LujanGolden, ColoradoMay 13, 2013
18Kadir SuleymanogluDenver, COCrossFitMay 13, 2013
17Ashley MitchelidesCharlotte, NCRunning, LacrosseMay 13, 2013
16leah giffinnew york , new yorklacrosse May 13, 2013
15Javier Del CastilloDenver, COCrossfitMay 13, 2013
14Matt MakowskiBurr Ridge, ILCrossFit and LifeMay 13, 2013
13Katherine McNeillyNorth aurora, IlCrossfitMay 13, 2013
12Jennifer SchwartzDenver, COCrossfitMay 13, 2013
11Scott OlsonDenver, ColoradocrossfitMay 13, 2013
10Matthew OlsonCentennial, COTriathlonsMay 13, 2013
9Brett Wertmanaurora, coCrossFitMay 11, 2013
8Angela KumagaiDenver, ColoradoCrossFitMay 11, 2013
7Cori GobellDenver, CoCrossFitMay 11, 2013
6RayVan HawkinsAurora, CoCrossfitMay 10, 2013
5Daniel Andrewslittleton, coCrossFitMay 10, 2013
4Chris DozoisCastlerock, COCrossfit/Youth FootballMay 10, 2013
3Jasmine DeverDenver, CoCrossFitMay 10, 2013
2Kristen Olsondenver, ColoradoCrossFit / LacrosseMay 08, 2013
1Ernest ToneyDenver, COUltimate FrisbeeMay 08, 2013

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