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Compete Honorably: Compete. Honor. Inspire.


To inspire thought and thus encourage positive action through personal responsibility. Changing the world one righteous choice at a time, and hopefully, inspiring a following… then a movement.


The Compete Honorably pledge was created to empower the competitor in all of us. We are inevitably responsible for our actions and choices. Its a reminder that it’s not just about competing, but how we compete. It’s a pledge to the game, it’s a pledge to our fellow competitors and coaches, its a pledge to ourselves.

Story Behind the Pledge:

After many years of coaching youth sports (youth, high school, CRS LAX), we noticed there was an ever growing sense of out-of-control-ness from competitors: athletes, parents, coaches, officials, etc.  Everyone has seen something on the field that raised their eye brows at one time or another:). So we thought it was fitting to take a step back, recognize what it’s all about, and take back control, starting with ourselves. This started as a sports pledge for youth athletes, but then we realized  it’s fitting for everyone, as you never really stop competing. It’s a great, simple way to keep ourselves in check and our love for the game pure!

Kristen Olson, Compete Honorably Pledge Author


Contact Us:
Please check back as this will be an ever evolving process and pledge. We’d love to hear your thoughts and/or good ideas. This is for all competitors, by competitors, so we want to hear from you! Info@CompeteHonorably.com
Submitting Your Information:
Please also note that while your email address is collected (we have to validate it’s a real person or at least a catfish with a valid email address:), it will not be used for any solicitations! This is a cause, aiming to spread a positive message, that’s it.
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